Where are they now – in brief.

April 2, 2011

Albert Fields – Musician. 

Braden Danner – TV producer.

Jason “Blain” Carson – Singer- songwriter.

Brandy Brown – Married with 3 children, runs her own performing arts studio.

Britney Spears – Mega pop star.

Chase Hampton – Musician, co-founder of Buzzfly, a band which frequently includes Tony Lucca as a guest.  Chase also works as musical director for Rock Nation in LA.

Christina Aguilera – Mega pop star.

Dale Godboldo – Runs his own entertainment company, OME.  Also has continued to act, appearing in many TV shows.

Damon Pampolina –  Running a Event Management business in Houston with his father.

David Kater – Musician.

Dee Dee Magno – Actor, currently in “Wicked” with her husband Clifton Hall.

Fred Newman – Entertainer.

Ilana Miller – Lawyer.

Jason Minor – Country singer.

Jennifer McGill – Singer, performer.

JC Chasez – Singer, songwriter and producer, actor.

Josh Ackerman– Producer, Director, Actor.

Justin Timberlake – mega pop star.

Keri Russell – Actor.

Kevin Osgood – Runs his own design and production company in New York.

Lindsey Alley – Actor.

Marc Worden – Voice actor, also guest stars on TV shows.

Matt Morris – Musician, signed with Justin Timberlake’s record label Tennaman records.

Mowava Pryor – Runs her own production company.

Mylin Brooks – Musician.

Nikki Deloach – Actor.

Nita Booth – Real estate agent.

Rhona Bennett – Singer.

Ricky Luna – Actor, DJ, producer, tv-host, singer.

Roque Herring – Singer.

Ryan Gosling – Actor.

Tasha Danner – Yoga instructor.

Tate Lynche – Broadway actor.

Terra McNair – Singer.

Terri Eoff – Unknown.

Tiffini Hale – Unknown.

TJ Fantini – Singer.

Tony Lucca – Singer-songwriter.


MMC Links

April 10, 2009

Official Links.

Albert Fields –

Britney Spears – Britney Spears.com

Chase Hampton – Buzzfly.com

Christina Aguilera – Christina Aguilera.com

Dale Godbolda – Original Man Entertainment.

Damon Pampolina –

David Kater –David Kater Music

Jason ‘Blain’ Carson – Carsonator.com

JC Chasez – JC Chasez.net

Jennifer McGill – Jennifer McGill.com

Justin Timberlake –Justin Timberlake.com

Kevin Osgood – Kevinosgood.com

Lindsey Alley – Lindsey Alley.com

Matt Morris –Matt Morris.net

Mylin Brooks – Mylin Music.com

Rhona Bennett –Rhona’s blog

Ricky Luna – Ricky Luna

Terra Deva – Terra Deva.com

Tony Lucca – Tony Lucca.com

Myspace/Facebook pages.

Albert Fields
Britney Spears
Chase Hampton
Christina Aguilera
Dale Godbolda – Myspace
Dale Godbolda – Facebook
Damon Pampolina
David Kater
Dee Dee Magno-Hall
Jason ‘Blain’ Carson
Jason Minor; facebook
JC Chasez
Jennifer McGill
Justin Timberlake
Lindsey Alley
Marc Worden
Matt Morris
Mylin Brooks
Nikki DeLoach
Rhona Bennett
Ricky Luna – myspace
Ricky Luna – Facebook
Tate ‘Marque’ Lynch
Terra Deva
Tony Lucca

You Tube Accounts

Dale Godbolda
Jason Carson
Matt Morris
Nita Booth
Ricky Luna
Tony Lucca
TJ Fantini


Britney Spears
Chase Hampton
Dale Godboldo
David Kater
Jason Carson
JC Chasez
Justin Timberlake
Matt Morris
Mylin Brookes
Rhona Bennett
Ricky Luna
Tony Lucca
TJ Fantini

Fan Sites

Keri Russell – includes some MMC clips for download.
Kevin Osgood
Ryan Gosling


MMC E! True Hollywood Story

April 9, 2009

MMC News

April 13, 2008

MMC news for the week 7 April – 13 April 2008.

1. Mylin

This week there was news that Mylin had been signed by Daisy Rock Guitars.

Mylin originally starred for three years on the Disney Channel series “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Daisy Rock is proud to support Mylin in her upcoming endeavors. Look for the upcoming release of her nail product Fing’rs Edge in Walmarts everywhere this Spring.

So keep a look out this Spring for Mylin’s new Album release.


2. Matt Morris.

Another MMC’er with an album releasing this year is Matt. Matt has been in LA the past week mixing his first Tennman Records release.


3. Tony Lucca.

More MMC’er music with Tony. Tony has an EP out April 2008 titled “Close Enough” Check out iTunes to purchase.

Tony Lucca


Keri Russell: Felicity Parody.

April 8, 2008

Keri and the cast of Felicity put together a parody for the emmy awards 1999. If you watch through you can see that Tony Lucca is Keri’s date.


MMC News.

April 6, 2008

MMC news for the week 31 March – 6 April 2008.

1. Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca has been in the studio working on his next full-length Album.

2. Marc Worden

Marc guest starred in “According to Jim” this week, playing the maitre d’.

3. Matt Morris.

Thanks to Matt for his dedication in keep us all up-to-date with the progress on this Album. This week besides the twitter updates, Matt made an appearance on the WFUV road trip: SWSX 2008 recap: Listen here, or you can search itunes and download the podcast. A transcript is below, but try and listen because there is a snippet of the song “money” to end.

Radio host: “Another unique singer I checked out is new-comer Matt Morris, who is working Charlie Saxon, Patty Griffin and Justin Timberlake on his debut album and he has good reason for his seriously soulful voice.”
Matt Morris:

“I usually, sort of, found inspiration in female singers from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s because there is this heart and this vulnerability that comes across and I think in the history of recorded music there is a little more comfort with allowing, letting women to put that across; like to allow a little bit of soul to show. It was just about, like, passion.”

I am still unsure why this album is being called Matt’s debut. Sure it is Matt’s first album under the Tennman Record label, but I hope people don’t forget about UnSpoken.

4. Ryan Gosling.

Ryan is set to star in “Good Things”.

Set in Gotham, plot follows a real estate dynasty scion’s (Ryan Gosling) affair with a girl (Kirsten Dunst) who goes missing.



MMC News.

March 30, 2008

MMC news for the week 24 – 30 March 2008.

1. Tony Lucca.


“Tony Lucca may be a bit of a folkie, but his pop crossover appeal has landed him opening slots for ‘N Sync and Marc Anthony. He also has enough soul to hang with Joss Stone on a duet of “When Love Comes to Town” (check his MySpace site for the video).”


2. JC Chasez.

JC was on the Tyra Banks show this week.  He also found himself refuting the rumors that he was in a relationship with Chace Crawford.  “”For the record, we’re both straight. We’re not dating.”

3. Matt Morris.

Matt is quickly becoming the king of social media, twittering often and updating his blog.  This week he has been mixing his Album.  Still no word on a release date.